Silk Screen Printing Beginners Workshop


Silk Screen Printing Beginners Workshop


2 Sessions x 2 hours each
Alternate Wednesdays 7.00pm-9.00pm
Starting 5th September 2017

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Everything you need to know before attending your workshop!

If you have little or no previous screen printing experience STUDIO SOLIPSIS runs a short workshop to get you started. During the workshop you will learn how to screen print your own design and go through the whole process from digital image to pulling the squeegee. The technicians will talk you through the history of screen printing and show you a variety of techniques with examples up in our studio. You will be taught how to create an artwork in Photoshop and get your design ready to put onto your screen. You will have a go at coating a screen with photo emulsion, expose the design using our professional exposure unit, learn about different inks, squeegees and print a small run of your artwork. You will also be able to choose from many different coloured inks at the workshop. 


You Must Bring:

  • Your image artwork must be A5 black and white, ideally printed on tracing or transparency paper.
  • Image on a USB saved as a .JPEG/.PDF/.PSD file format